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Genius Kids Educational Center is located in Abu Dhabi Downtown, United Arab Emirates. It is established by the Department of Economic Development in April 2012 and licensed by Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical .and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET) for the purpose of training on mental arithmetic strategies Genius Kids Educational Center has highly qualified staff with extensive experiences in the Mental Arithmetic Program.


  • To become pioneers in the field of mental math to prepare a generation of creative genius to meet all challenges in an interactive learning method.
  • To be productive and engaged members of society in this ever changing world.
  • To contribute in achieving sustainable development of the UAE society.


  • Working side by side to develop the educational performance of the pre-university education and to effectively utilize human capacities for the purpose of building a knowledge-based society and implementing the values of citizenship.
  • Building an iconic generation and developing the capabilities and talents of children.
  • Introducing the mental math program in a modern and innovative way based on the latest interactive learning methodologies
  • Flying the UAE flag high at the global competitions specializing in this field.


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